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Meeting Date: 7/16/2018 - 10:00 AM
Category: Invitation to Address the Board of Trustees
Type: Info
Subject: 4.1 INVITATION TO ADDRESS THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Agendized and Non-Agendized Items
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Summary: Members of the audience are invited to address the Board of Trustees on items not listed elsewhere on the agenda. Agenda items may be discussed at the time they are considered by the Board. The Ralph M. Brown Act limits the Board of Trustees and staff's ability to respond to comments on non-agendized matters at the time such comments are made. Public comment is limited to three (3) minutes, unless the Board of Trustees grants additional time. Those wishing to address the Board of Trustees should step up to the speaker. Preference shall be given to those persons who have submitted a Request to Address the Board of Trustees form.
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Lori Ortell - Executive Assistant
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Grant Bennett - Superintendent